Wyrd’s little sister might at times feel overshadowed by Wyrd. She’ll admit that. But when she comes to think of it, it is not really such a bad thing. There is a level of freedom involved with anonymity that she wouldn’t want to be without. In fact, it is Wyrd, that occasionally ought to be jealous (but of course she’s not; Wyrd is way too busy for that sort of thing).

It is 9th December, 2007 and technology has finally caught up with the norns. So welcome to Wyrd’s little sister’s blog, written by Wyrd’s little sister as she climbs around in the branches of Yggdrasil and the City of London, and minds everybody’s business.  She likes comments from passer-bys, but not spam.

Wyrd’s little sister hopes to see you again shortly.


1 Comment

  1. Leighton Cooke said,

    The shadow of Wyrd is over us all.

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